Tuesday, June 30

My Sunset

Nikon D-80 ISO 200 58mm f/25 at 1/100 sec

I wanted to go shoot some pictures so bad this summer, but the weather in New York wouldn't allow it.
Check out Georges post about the weather we have had here. Instead I have been busy at Barnes & Nobles reading about Photography, I ran across a book by a Photographer named David duchemin, David duChemin is a Vancouver-based freelance humanitarian and world photographer that just put out his first book called Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision, with foreword by Joe McNally and afterword by Vincent Versace was released in May 2009 check it out here. This book is just terrific and I am really enjoying it.Thank you George and Timmy.
After reading a couple of chapters of Davids book, it gave me motivation to go out this evening and take pictures of everyday life, and try to capture my own. The day was perfect, clear Sky's and NO! rain wow. So I decided to go down to the New York Harbor by the Verrazano bridge. I packed my Nikon D-80 and tripod jumped in the car and i was on my way. (smiling like a kid at a candy store). When I get there I looked around, saw some families walking by bicyclist and fishermen, It was a beautiful day, kids riding there bikes, birds singing, but I could not see anything yet to take, I think I had photographers block, if there is such a thing. So I started to take pictures of the Verrazano Bridge first shot......OK then another then again, has been done before seen it a million times, We all have especially if your from NY. Everyone out here was taking pictures of the Bridge, so what I did was sit down on some grassy field that was near me and waited. I waited for the sun to set, funny thing happen, while I was sitting there minding my own business, a cop car rolls up next to where I am sitting, here we go I'm thinking to myself, this cop is going to tell me that I cant have a tripod in that area too dangerous for the bicyclist or you have to leave its too late or some cop bullshit like that( sorry Alfred). The car gets closer moving slowly, when the cop sticks his head out the patrol car lookes at me and says, you doing HDR's. O ...ok I answer quickly and say, nope just taking some regular shots and waiting for the sun to set. The cop starts telling me how he has a canon camera and so on. this police officer new a bit about photography, long story short We had a nice conversation, for a bit . the time was getting close for a sunset shot and the officer realized that and let me go back to setting up again. once the sun started to set, everything changed. There where great shots every where all of the sudden. The colors that sunsets surround us with, The warm colors the sellouts the reflection off the water, wow just amazing. sunsets are so beautiful that it never gets old. The picture on top has me peeking in to the frame on the left side, I thought i would add something to it, I like it. You notice that serious look I have hahaha I posted two more that i like under this post i hope you Enjoy them Walla!! till next time.
Nikon D-80 ISO 200 90mm f/5.6 at 1/640 sec

Nikon D-80 ISO 200 31mm f/5.1 at 1/800 sec

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  1. Great Post - you do write like you talk! You're welcome for the book Stevie (you know I should really thank you). Sorry about not being more of a presence on this site, but with the traveling, the renovation, and the wife now working part-time I've been thrown off my routine (and my wife's sister and her friend from Spain will be staying at my place this Sun to Thurs). I have a feeling I won't be back to normal till next week. In the meantime I don't want to post some BS just to post.