Monday, August 24

One Of The 5 Oldest Bars In N.Y.C

That's Me in front of McSorley's

I was on my way to B&H Photo Friday morning to pick up that great attachment for my D300, the Nikon MB-D10 Multi-power battery grip. Once you put this bad boy on your camera it transforms into the D3, BAAMM!! I wish it made the ISO work like the D3 as well but that does not happen here. However, the battery grip makes the camera so much faster that its so worth the 3 bills I spent for it. If you're into shooting fast moving subjects like kids, car racing, sports, etc, you must get the grip. It shoots at a much faster burst, adding 2 more frames per second - from 6fps to 8fps, that's huge!! Plus you get a vertical shutter button as well, which makes it so convenient when you go vertical. Definitely a must-have for serious photographers. So after picking up the grip, I met up with George at the event space part of B&H, George happened to be in the area when I called. We walked around the store for more than an hour poking and pushing buttons, and looking at stuff we want to purchase in the future. We would have been there longer if they weren't closing early; Friday is Shabbat . If you don't know about B&H or have never been there, I would say around 90 percent of the employees are Jewish, so they close early every Friday. George and I decided to have our own Shabbat. We needed to relax and get a drink somewhere. So we decided to go to one of the oldest bars in the city - McSorley's. Though McSorley’s claims it opened its doors in 1854, NYC historian Richard McDermott used public records to prove it really opened in 1862. This I found out with a little research on Google. McSorley’s is most famous for what happened in 1970 when, kicking and screaming, it was forced to open its doors to women. The beers famously come in pairs, (i.e., order one, you get two; ask for two, you get four) served in small mugs, great size for Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings, but for George and I this was like taking shots of beer, The slightest display of confusion will surely betray you as a McSorley’s virgin. George already gave me the heads up before we got there. We ordered Two! Each WHOOAAA!!. Check out some of the pictures I took at the Bar, Enjoy.

That's Pat there on the left, a regular at McSorley's

This guys been here since the bar opened, Angelo!!

One down.....

2 minutes later.....burp!

Bartender!! two more please.

Hm mm.. another one bud?

Thursday, August 20

NYC West Side Highway Hudson Park

OK! These are the first photos from my NEW!! Nikon D300 that I just picked up two weeks ago, and I got to say that this is a great camera. I know what everyone is thinking, why not buy the new D300s, well first thing is that the 300s is about $400 dollars more, I know big deal right. however $400 dollars can get you a couple of cool extras for your camera, things that would make your pictures better, hmmm... instead of paying for a HD video, I don't see my self using HD video much from a camera I bought to take pictures with. What I am going to do with that extra $400 I saved, it will go towards purchasing the 35mm Nikon lens that just came out, maybe an extra battery or get that battery grip that makes the camera look like a beast Geerrrrr!!! Second the D 300 has been used and still being used by the best pros in the business, Scott Kelby, Joe Mcnally, Matt Kloskowski, the list goes on and on. the camera is great for the price and I jumped on it before they discontinue it. I guess I didn't want to pay more for something I didn't need, Its Like buying a new BMW because they added a DVD player and a faster top speed once you hit 150 mph. big whoop! I think I'm going to really enjoy this camera and I'm very happy with the purchase. Till next time, enjoy :)

Looking at New Jersey from west side highway

Basketball Court Where the boys from Wolfgang's tear it up!

Concrete Jungle

Someone cut the grass please!

The guy on the left is my fellow blogger on this site. George M. Bodziony with Edin Jarovic having a couple of brass monkeys at Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Monday, July 27

In The City With The Boys

Hey everyone, I hope all is good, I know its been a while since my last post, sorry but I have been busy with work and covering people going on vacations. Regardless I know I should get to the computer and post, but sometimes there is no possible way to do that. Cant get out to take pictures and with no pictures you cant post anything. But were back! lets get back to business, were back with some pictures of a rainy but fun day in NEW YORK CITY with my friends. We decided to take a little field trip to the High Line park in the Meat Packing District, which opened to the public on June 9, runs from Gansevoort Street to 20th Street.

Here are some pictures I hope you enjoy them. The High line park old train tracks

Armin feeling good on the High Line

Pretty Cool view

At the Chelsea market with Misho And Edin

A little Break from the rain

Armin And I taking a little rest from all the walking

Monday, July 13

PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo 2009

For all photographers in NYC or vicinity click on the enclosed link to register for the PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo (self proclaimed "The Most Important Event in the Photography + Imaging Industries") on October 22-24 at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center in NYC.

I've never been to one of these but a friend of mine highly recommends it and if you register before October you don't have to pay the $49 entry fee. Click the Title Of the blog to be directed to the application.

It does sound good though:

You won't want to miss the 2009 PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo - the premier event for innovative ideas, essential learning and unparalleled networking.

Discover New Solutions
From the newest digital cameras hitting the market to imaging software, PDN PhotoPlus Expo is your #1 source for previewing the latest technologies and hottest new products. Explore an inspiring array of imaging products and services - all from the industry's leading manufacturers.

Find New Inspiration
Get up-close and hands-on with the latest advances in digital, film and output; and rediscover your passions in the extraordinary photo galleries on the Expo floor. Gain inspiration and knowledge from some of the greatest photographers and imaging experts in the world, with over 100 seminars, special events and hands-on workshops.

Connect with Brilliant Minds
Get tried and tested marketing tips, business advice and information on how to streamline your workflow from the world's greatest photographers and imaging experts. PhotoPlus brings together the leaders, innovators and rising stars in our industry at the hottest networking events.

Whether you are professional or amateur, you'll discover a marketplace of solutions that is unrivaled worldwide at PDN's PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo in New York - October 22-24.

If you follow this blog and plan on attending, reply back and we can meet up at the Javitz.
The more the merrier!

Good night everyone.

Tuesday, July 7

Manhattan Beach, New York

It was a great weekend for New Yorkers, the weather was great. No rain, no complain. This shot was taken on Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn NY, not California, Just to clear it up. That's my foot there in the shot. I took this by putting the camera down on the bench next to me, I put it on a timer of like 5seconds and this is what I got. I like it let me know what you think.

Monday, July 6

My Time With The Boys Over The 4th of July Weekend

My boys and there Guitars

Future Rock Stars!!!

Opps!! Thats Daddy, still trying to live my rock star years

Tuesday, June 30

My Sunset

Nikon D-80 ISO 200 58mm f/25 at 1/100 sec

I wanted to go shoot some pictures so bad this summer, but the weather in New York wouldn't allow it.
Check out Georges post about the weather we have had here. Instead I have been busy at Barnes & Nobles reading about Photography, I ran across a book by a Photographer named David duchemin, David duChemin is a Vancouver-based freelance humanitarian and world photographer that just put out his first book called Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision, with foreword by Joe McNally and afterword by Vincent Versace was released in May 2009 check it out here. This book is just terrific and I am really enjoying it.Thank you George and Timmy.
After reading a couple of chapters of Davids book, it gave me motivation to go out this evening and take pictures of everyday life, and try to capture my own. The day was perfect, clear Sky's and NO! rain wow. So I decided to go down to the New York Harbor by the Verrazano bridge. I packed my Nikon D-80 and tripod jumped in the car and i was on my way. (smiling like a kid at a candy store). When I get there I looked around, saw some families walking by bicyclist and fishermen, It was a beautiful day, kids riding there bikes, birds singing, but I could not see anything yet to take, I think I had photographers block, if there is such a thing. So I started to take pictures of the Verrazano Bridge first shot......OK then another then again, has been done before seen it a million times, We all have especially if your from NY. Everyone out here was taking pictures of the Bridge, so what I did was sit down on some grassy field that was near me and waited. I waited for the sun to set, funny thing happen, while I was sitting there minding my own business, a cop car rolls up next to where I am sitting, here we go I'm thinking to myself, this cop is going to tell me that I cant have a tripod in that area too dangerous for the bicyclist or you have to leave its too late or some cop bullshit like that( sorry Alfred). The car gets closer moving slowly, when the cop sticks his head out the patrol car lookes at me and says, you doing HDR's. O ...ok I answer quickly and say, nope just taking some regular shots and waiting for the sun to set. The cop starts telling me how he has a canon camera and so on. this police officer new a bit about photography, long story short We had a nice conversation, for a bit . the time was getting close for a sunset shot and the officer realized that and let me go back to setting up again. once the sun started to set, everything changed. There where great shots every where all of the sudden. The colors that sunsets surround us with, The warm colors the sellouts the reflection off the water, wow just amazing. sunsets are so beautiful that it never gets old. The picture on top has me peeking in to the frame on the left side, I thought i would add something to it, I like it. You notice that serious look I have hahaha I posted two more that i like under this post i hope you Enjoy them Walla!! till next time.
Nikon D-80 ISO 200 90mm f/5.6 at 1/640 sec

Nikon D-80 ISO 200 31mm f/5.1 at 1/800 sec

Saturday, June 27

American Culture

Good bye Michael Jackson RIP.....moment of silence please............

OK so a legend dies, the whole world knew Michael Jackson, No matter where You were in the world, if you where in Iraq or Montenegro Everyone knew or heard of Michael Jackson. No doubt he was a phenom and someone who changed music forever. He influenced artist today we all know and love like, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Chris Brown Etc....The dance moves the attitude the voice, one of a kind for sure.

I will never forget the time, when I was about 7 or 8 Years old watching TV with my sisters, on a small 19inch TV set, There was a picture of Michael Jackson and his hair line, on his head was bandaged up. Pepsi yes Pepsi !! was the reason I heard of this pop icon, It was all over the news, I'm sure you guys can remember if you think back....think come on .... hint fire, hair, lawsuit, yeah you guys remember.... that's it you got it. Michael Jackson had a freak accident and his hair somehow caught fire.(pyrotechnics accidentally set his hair on fire)

After that news blitz about Michael Jackson's accident, that's when i saw his video of Billy Jean.
That's when I became a fan of Michael Jackson.

I will try to remember all the good music of this icon instead of the bad and sad stuff that has happened to this person though out the years.

The picture on top is of Michael Jackson at the White House with President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan in 1984.