Monday, August 24

One Of The 5 Oldest Bars In N.Y.C

That's Me in front of McSorley's

I was on my way to B&H Photo Friday morning to pick up that great attachment for my D300, the Nikon MB-D10 Multi-power battery grip. Once you put this bad boy on your camera it transforms into the D3, BAAMM!! I wish it made the ISO work like the D3 as well but that does not happen here. However, the battery grip makes the camera so much faster that its so worth the 3 bills I spent for it. If you're into shooting fast moving subjects like kids, car racing, sports, etc, you must get the grip. It shoots at a much faster burst, adding 2 more frames per second - from 6fps to 8fps, that's huge!! Plus you get a vertical shutter button as well, which makes it so convenient when you go vertical. Definitely a must-have for serious photographers. So after picking up the grip, I met up with George at the event space part of B&H, George happened to be in the area when I called. We walked around the store for more than an hour poking and pushing buttons, and looking at stuff we want to purchase in the future. We would have been there longer if they weren't closing early; Friday is Shabbat . If you don't know about B&H or have never been there, I would say around 90 percent of the employees are Jewish, so they close early every Friday. George and I decided to have our own Shabbat. We needed to relax and get a drink somewhere. So we decided to go to one of the oldest bars in the city - McSorley's. Though McSorley’s claims it opened its doors in 1854, NYC historian Richard McDermott used public records to prove it really opened in 1862. This I found out with a little research on Google. McSorley’s is most famous for what happened in 1970 when, kicking and screaming, it was forced to open its doors to women. The beers famously come in pairs, (i.e., order one, you get two; ask for two, you get four) served in small mugs, great size for Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings, but for George and I this was like taking shots of beer, The slightest display of confusion will surely betray you as a McSorley’s virgin. George already gave me the heads up before we got there. We ordered Two! Each WHOOAAA!!. Check out some of the pictures I took at the Bar, Enjoy.

That's Pat there on the left, a regular at McSorley's

This guys been here since the bar opened, Angelo!!

One down.....

2 minutes later.....burp!

Bartender!! two more please.

Hm mm.. another one bud?

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  1. "NYC historian Richard McDermott used public records to prove it really opened in 1862. This I found out with a little research on Google. "

    McDermott is a hustler who tried to shake McSorley's down. The only thing he proved from "public records" is that he couldn't find the place.

    1854 is what John McSorley used. He was there, McDermott wasn't.